Bicka Band

Bicka Band began as a cover band in 2022. During 2023, the band has focused on composing and producing their own music. Six singles and an album will be released during spring and summer of 2024.

The Sound of Funky Indie Soul

Bicka Band's musical journey is rooted deeply in the rich soil of soul, funk, jazz, and R&B. It's from this fertile ground that they've cultivated their unique sound - a subgenre they call "Funky Indie Soul". Immerse yourself in their world, where the smooth grooves of soul meet the infectious rhythms of funk, and the soulful melodies of jazz blend seamlessly with the raw energy of R&B. While soul, jazz, R&B & plenty of funk are the cornerstones of Bicka Band's sound, they mix in influences from beloved artists like Hiatus Kaiyote, Esperanza Spalding, Jacob Collier, Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder & Pink Floyd. Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience, and feeling of the soul-stirring power of Bicka Band's Funky Indie Soul. #bkind #byou

About Bicka

Bicka is just 18 years old.
She's a multi-talented artist - singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer. Music has been her passion since she was a child, and she's been creating music since the age of 6. From the age of 10, she has been attending full-time music schools, and she's currently in her final year at Stockholm's Estetiska Gymnasium (STEG) in their singer/songwriter program.

At 17, Bicka founded Bicka Band, initially focusing on soul and funk covers. Since the start of 2023, she has dedicated herself to composing and producing songs for Bicka Band's debut album, "B You". Enjoy! 💕