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Press Release, May 10

Today, Bicka Band Releases Their 5th Single "Epiphany"!

Bicka Band is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, "Epiphany," available today on all major streaming platforms.

"Epiphany" is an unusual fusion of chill vintage soul and Alternative Hip Hop, showcasing the band's signature sound of 'Funky Indie Soul'. With a production dominated by real instruments, the track captures the essence of Bicka Band's unique musical style. Written by band members Bicka and Ruben, "Epiphany" is a testament to their songwriting talents and creative synergy. Produced by Bicka, "Epiphany" is a captivating contribution to the band's expanding discography.
Enjoy! đŸ’«

Press Release, April 26

Bicka Band Unveils 4th Single 'The Girl' - A Soulful Fusion of Rock and Synth-Pop!

Today, April 26th, Bicka Band proudly presents their fourth single - "The Girl". This eclectic track showcases a captivating blend of soul, progressive rock, and alternative synth-pop, offering listeners a refreshing and unique musical experience.

Bicka, at the young age of 18, assumes the roles of songwriter and producer for "The Girl", with each band member contributing their instrumental skills to the recording. The result is a dynamic and distinctive sound that pushes the boundaries of genre conventions.

"The Girl" is bound to evoke strong reactions, with its innovative approach and infectious energy. Whether you're drawn in by its soulful melodies or intrigued by its experimental twists, this single promises to leave a lasting impression! đŸ’«

Experience the captivating sounds of Bicka Band's latest single, "The Girl", available now on all major streaming platforms!

Press Release, April 19

Bicka Band Unveils Third Single "Isn't It Pretty"

Bicka Band, the acclaimed purveyors of "Funky Indie Soul," are thrilled to announce the release of their third single, "Isn't It Pretty." Set to drop today, this captivating track offers a glimpse into the band's upcoming album, "B You," slated for release on June 7, 2024.

"Isn't It Pretty" is a seamless fusion of soul, jazz, and funk, showcasing Bicka Band's signature sound. With a commitment to authenticity, the recording features only live instruments, capturing the band's dynamic energy and unique style.

"We're excited to share this new single with all our friends," says Bicka, singer/songwriter and producer in Bicka Band. "It's a representation of our musical journey and the soulful essence of Bicka Band."

Press Release, March 29

Bicka Band Unveils Second Single "Welcome" - A Fusion of Jazz and Soul with Only Real Instruments.

Stockholm, March 29, 2024 - Today, Bicka Band proudly announces the release of their newest single, "Welcome"! This captivating track showcases a delightful fusion of jazz and soul, enriched by using only real instruments in the recording process.

To celebrate this milestone, Bicka Band extends a warm invitation to music enthusiasts to join them at "The B You Show" at Engelen in Stockholm on April 3rd. This event promises an unforgettable evening of music, creativity, and community, starting at 8:00 PM and running until 10:00 PM. "The B You Show" features the premiere of "Welcome" alongside a lineup of 10 fresh, original Bicka Band compositions and a selection of funky covers, adding that extra layer of excitement.

Secure Access Tickets for "The B You Show" are available for purchase on Tickster. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the soulful fusion of soul, jazz, funk, and R&B!

Press Release, March 14

Pressmeddelande den 14 mars 2024

Bicka Band SlÀpper Debut Singel med Eget Sound: Funky Indie Soul

Det finns ett nytt band i stan! Svenska musikgruppen Bicka Band kliver in pÄ scenen med planer för att slÀppa sex singlar och ett album under vÄren 2024.

Den 15 mars 2024 releasar de sin debutsingel, "Parallel Living", och fortsÀtter sedan att slÀppa fem ytterligare singlar varannan vecka fram till den 7 juni. DÄ Àr det dags för deras debutalbum - "B You" att se dagens ljus.

För att fira skivslÀppen bjuder Bicka Band in till sex unika shower, "The B You Show", pÄ Engelen i Stockholm. Datum: 21 mars, 3 april, 18 april, 2 maj, 15 maj och 30 maj med showtime kl. 20:00 till 22:00.

Bicka Band rĂ€ds inte att utforska nya musikaliska landskap och lĂ„ter sig inte styras av konventioner. Med en passion för liveframtrĂ€danden och endast Ă€kta instrument i inspelningarna skapar de en egen ljudvĂ€rld som de beskriver som "Funky Indie Soul" - en fusion av soul, funk, jazz och R&B. Resultatet Ă€r musik som vĂ€cker kĂ€nslor och "rör om" pĂ„ ett sĂ€tt som inte gĂ„r att ignorera, varken för finsmakare eller festprissar. 

Bicka, bandledare, lÄtskrivare, leadsÄngare och gitarrist, har ocksÄ producerat och mixat debutalbumet. Trots sina blott 18 Är pÄ denna jord, bevisar hon med sitt arbete att Älder inte utgör nÄgot hinder för att skapa ett musikaliskt avtryck. Genom stor konstnÀrlig integritet och fantasifulla arrangemang skapas subgenren "Funky Indie Soul", som vi Àr övertygade om kommer att lÀmna ett bestÄende vÀrde inom musikbranschen. Följ med pÄ Bickas musikaliska resa, för den har bara börjat.

Press Release March 14, 2024

Bicka Band Releases Debut Single Showcasing Their Signature Sound: Funky Indie Soul

There's a new band on the block! The Swedish music group Bicka Band steps onto the scene with plans to release six singles and one album during the spring of 2024.

On March 15, 2024, they will release the debut single, "Parallel Living," followed by the release of five additional singles every other week until June 7. That's when their debut album, "B You," will see the light of day.

Bicka Band fearlessly explores uncharted musical territories and strives to stay unbound by traditional constraints and conventions. With a passion for live performances and using only real instruments in their recordings, they create their own world of sounds, which they dub "Funky Indie Soul" - a fusion of soul, funk, jazz, and R&B. The outcome is music that evokes emotions in a way that cannot be ignored, whether you have refined tastes or are simply seeking great party music.

Bicka, the band leader, songwriter, lead singer, and guitarist, has also produced and mixed the debut album. Despite her mere 18 years on this earth, she proves with her work that age is no barrier to making a musical impact. Through immense artistic integrity and imaginative arrangements, the subgenre "Funky Indie Soul" is created, which we are confident will leave a lasting mark in the music industry. Join Bicka on her musical journey, for it has only just begun.


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