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The B You Show

Special Guest at the B You Show

Kevin Martinez

We are delighted to announce that our special guest at the B You Show is a dear friend and funky maestro, Kevin Martinez. Get ready for Kevin's handpicked funky, soulful covers, and most importantly, his own original tracks! 💫

Special guest at Bicka Band's release show, on April 3:

Jasmine Kara

Many thanks to Jasmine Kara for her awesome guest appearance! 🙏💕 Her distinctive blend of soul, groove, and profound emotions, powerful voice, dynamic stage presence, and infectious joy, truly elevated the atmosphere to its peak.💫🎶

Kevin Martinez in brief

Kevin is a singer, songwriter, producer, drummer, and bassist. Simply put, a musical prodigy. Bicka Band shares a close bond with Kevin, he's like our musical kindred spirit, and no one embodies the theme "B You" better than him. ❤️

Jasmine Kara & Bicka Band
Jasmine Kara & Bicka Band

Have a teaser of the show!

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Yo. B You.

Bicka Band's debut album approaches - 'B You'.
Being yourself is an 
invaluable gift that only you can give to the world. We all struggle to find a platform that allows us to be who we are. Our authentic, genuine selves.

Bicka Band aims to inspire you, and to explore that platform with you. Bicka Band spent 2023 writing songs with no focus on mainstream hit lists, instead focusing on their own style of music. The music blurs the lines between soul, funk and jazz ... and a little bit of this and that. The result is a sub-genre we call Funky Indie Soul. The music should please both refined listeners and those seeking great party music. Let us all, no matter age, size, look, gender, origin or belief, B ourselves - together. #bkind #byou

Let's do this.

B You. Show dates

Enjoy our music live.

March 21, 2024

Engelen, Stockholm, Sweden

April 3, 2024

Engelen, Stockholm, Sweden

April 18, 2024

Engelen, Stockholm, Sweden